Upload your documents, get automated quotes and delivery times, track document status, receive alerts and download.  Pay with a credit card or reference an existing contract vehicle such as a Blanket Purchase Vehicle.

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Upload your documents, style guides, type of editing requested.  Track your document status in real time.  Pay with credit card or reference existing contract.

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Open Data Act compliancy, scoring, grant reviews, and other types of document reviews.  Upload document, provide instructions, guidelines, rules and track progress in real time!

About our products & services

eGovMarket's professional services currently include editing, section 508 reviews, grant reviews and document reviews.  Future offerings will include literature reviews, translation services and Freedom of Information Act services.

Clients can now order professional services at a fair price from qualified and diverse vendors, easily pay using PayPal and track their orders until completion.

All reviewers and firms participating in the marketplace are thoroughly tested and continuously monitored for quality assurance.

The marketplace is also fair to vendors by ensuring that they offer best values and not just the cheapest price.

Federal clients can utilize existing contract vehicles, initiate blanket purchase agreements, authorize buyers and track expenditures and results.

The marketplace houses separate sites that are compliant with Federal standards such as NIST/FedRAMP, Section 508 and the Open Data Act.

For more information, please contact info@eGovMarket.com.